Wer ich bin

Becoming the person I would have needed

My name is Martina Chalar and I’m a financial planner. 

Like most expats in Germany, I found it difficult to make the right decisions and understanding the implications of the system. In 2018 I took the leap and decided I was going to become the person I would have needed back when I started sorting out my own financial goals. That it when my journey as advisor began. 

Combining my academic background both in business as well as in linguistics and cultural studies, together with my qualifications in finances, I spend every day helping expats navigate their finances in Germany. Every day is unlike the other and the greatest gain is the human connections made while helping like-minded people looking forward to building the future they envision find flexible and tailored solutions for themselves. 

Having me as your advisor means you have a partner in the long run. I will help you sort out the basics of liquidity management, risk management, investment, and wealth management – all pillars towards financial freedom. 

Working with me also means we'll be working together with some of my colleagues. Together we cover the whole spectrum of financial services and craft tailored solutions in the fields of insurance, investment, pension planning, real estate investment, loan applications, company pension schemes, family planning and generational wealth, portfolio optimizations and more!

One topic especially close to my heart is pension planning. Yes, you read that right. I've made it my mission to create collectively achieved change in this field. Given the increased relevance and urgency it has for expats, mainly due to lack of proper sources of information, the language barrier, the later starting point, or scattered contributions to multiple systems worldwide this needs to be addressed, yesterday.

Regardless where you come from, how long you’re planning on staying in Germany, your family status, type of residence permit, or even your occupation – there’s always a way to make the most out of your money. Through a hassle-free and culturally friendly service approach, I will help you access the best quality of German financial consultancy services, completely digitally from wherever, whenever. 

Out of my seven languages, I mainly consult in English and in Spanish. As for my clients, they’re as varied as they come: most have multiple citizenships, and/or are US Americans (a field I specialized in), and/or Spanish speakers and/or juggle between freelancing and working as employees. You can read some of their experiences through this portal as well to learn more about what working together looks like.

When I am not consulting, you can find me reading, on a walk, or organizing networking events. 

Looking forward to collaborating with you through crafting and implementing a unique long-term roadmap suitable to your individual needs!